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Grease traps

The fat separator is a container of a rectangular or cylindrical type, consisting of partitioned technological compartments in which the separation of water-fat emulsions takes place and having, respectively, inlet and outlet openings or nozzles for connection to sewerage networks. In the design of the Zhiroulovitel can also be provided technological hole for the possibility of connecting it to the ventilation system.

The principle of separation of heterogeneous systems under the action of gravitational forces is incorporated into the work of the fat separator (Grease trap). Wastewater with fat through the inlet pipe by gravity into the separator compartment, separated by a partition, which serves to slow the flow and increase the separation time of the phases. As a result of gravitational forces, less dense fatty masses are separated from water because of what they float up, and heavier particles as a result of the same gravity precipitate to the bottom of the separation chamber in a grease trap.

The schematic diagram of the fat separator (Grease trap)  of the series SG, manufactured by PolymerKomplekt is as follows:

Схема - чертеж жироуловителя

1. Hole (pipe) for the inlet of drains Ø 50-200 mm
2. Hole (pipe) for the withdrawal of the purified liquid in the sewer.
3. The partition
4. Hole for ventilation Ø 50mm (muffled as standard)
5. Sludge collection area (precipitated fractions)
6. Collection zone of light fractions (fats)

Completeness of delivery of Grease trap

All Grease trap company Polymerkomplekt come with a passport, which indicates the date of sale, warranty company, instructions.
The passport to theGrease trap also contains instructions for installing and guides the user on the use and maintenance of the grease trap.
Each buyer of Grease trap on delivery is provided with a sealed copy of the sanitary and hygienic certificate.
In addition, on each Grease trap for easy installation and maintenance are marked technological holes ("input", "exit", "ventilation") and attached to the cover of the extract from the instructions for installation and maintenance, with basic requirements, as well as a proprietary sticker which indicates Grease traps model, productivity according to specifications, production date and quality control mark.

The models of Grease trap with the letter “F” (with filter packages) are equipped with them at the rate of 5 pieces of filter packages for a new Grease trap (1 is pre-installed + 4pcs spare).

Fat separators, according to TU U 29.2-32306957-002: 2009, are made of polymeric materials (sheet polypropylene or polyethylene).

The device of a GREASE TRAP and completeness

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