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Grease traps

Water consumption per month (cubic meter) If known, the preferred amount of wastewater from sinks *  
Mode of operation of the enterprise (number of days per month, hours per day) *  
The number of sinks and their configuration (separate, double, triple) *  
Number of taps above sinks (for example 1 over double or 1 above each *  
The volume of sinks (each, approximately liters or LxWxH, mm) *  
Connection and placement of sinks (detached, connected in series to one pipe) *  
Planned method of installation (under the sink, near the sinks, in the basement, outside into the ground with the depth) *  
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Selection-calculation of GREASE TRAP beater

Our specialists can, based on your data, optimally select the models of grease traps and their number.

To do this, simply fill out the form below and send it to us.


Order form selection of grease traps.

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