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The advantages of the sand catchers of the “Cleaning” series:

Comfort in the routine work of staff;

No additional equipment is required (baths, trays, etc.) - the sand traps are equipped with their own convenient filler neck;

The use of the hydro seal is a guaranteed absence of the sewage smells in the premises;

Convenience of the filter replacement - just take out the used filter bag and insert a fresh one;

Availability of filter bags - you can use a standard PP bag for construction waste.

The “Cleaning” sand traps are designed for a maximum convenience and efficiency of the staff.

The equipment complies with the Technical conditions of Ukraine ТУ У 29.2-32306957-002:2009 “Separators of the water-oil emulsions” and Technical conditions of Ukraine ТУ У 25.2-32306957-001:2007 “Polypropylene and polyethylene Technological containers”.

The equipment is protected by the patent №47415 «Device for a continuous separation of the inhomogeneous systems by means of gravitative precipitation».


During cleaning of the premises, there is a need to drain the dirty water, which contains a certain amount of suspended particles (sand, earth, debris). In the best-case scenario, such water is poured into the toilet, in the worst case - into the sink. Such draining methods may often lead to the clogging of the sewer pipes.

And the sand-interceptor of the “Cleaning” series can help prevent such blockages.

The “Cleaning” series sand traps are designed for sewer pipes treatment - preventing the clogging with debris and sediment such as sand and dirt, as well as maximizing the convenience and efficiency of the cleaning staff.


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