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Sand traps under the sink


In most establishments of restaurant business (cafes, canteens, restaurants), as well as in supermarkets, special car washes are installed for pre-cleaning vegetables. And if in the sinks where dirty dishes are cleaned, the problem is the fats that clog the sewer pipes, and therefore they install grease traps under them, then in the case of washing vegetables the main problem is earth, sand, clay and garbage. When washing vegetables, their heavy particles are not completely washed out into canalisia and much of them, like fats (and especially mixing with them), settle on the pipe walls, creating blockages that can lead to the cleaning of the entire enterprise and the need for an unscheduled plumber to stop sewer building.

In order to avoid such setuations there is an excellent solution - Sand trap under the sink.
In 2018, Polimerkomplekt began serial production of sand traps of various models, including sand traps under the sink the PU series.

The sand traps of the PU series are equipment designed for sewage treatment at catering establishments and trade from mechanical impurities during washing of vegetables. Sand traps for washing the PU series purify wastewater from small and large mechanical impurities. They are recommended to be installed in packing shops, for example, salad and vegetable shops and at vegetable warehouses, where there is a risk of large debris entering the sewage system. The work of the sand trap is based on the principle of gravity and depends on the speed of movement and the volume of wastewater to the sewer system. In the process, large and heavy fractions remain at the bottom of a special basket in a sand trap, and the water is cleared of unwanted sand and heavy particles and flows further down the drain. Special baskets are used in the sand traps of the PU series, which are easily removed from the sand trap housing, which greatly simplifies the process of maintenance and cleaning of the device.

The advantages of traps under sink

  • the material is plastic (polypropylene or polyethylene), which is sufficiently resistant to damage;
  • working temperature does not depend on the temperature of the liquid (from +1 C to +80 C);
  • do not consume electricity in the process;
  • not influenced by chemicals (detergents and cleaners);
  • provide, at its compactness, maximum purification of domestic wastewater from earth, sand, clay and debris;
  • easy to maintain;
  • warranty period - 2 years.


The equipment complies with the Technical conditions of Ukraine ТУ У 29.2-32306957-002:2009 “Separators of the water-oil emulsions” and Technical conditions of Ukraine ТУ У 25.2-32306957-001:2007 “Polypropylene and polyethylene Technological containers”.

The equipment is protected by the patent №47415 «Device for a continuous separation of the inhomogeneous systems by means of gravitative precipitation»

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