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Sand catchers “Cleaning-PM”

Sand traps “Cleaning-PM” -  is a type of a floor sand trap specially designed for inlet and purification of the polluted water out of the middle sized (25-80 liter tank for dirty water) and large sized (80-200 liter tank for dirty water) floor washing machines, which are mainly used for cleaning large shopping and entertainment centers, exhibition centers, stadiums as well as cleaning of the warehouses and production premises.


Sand traps “Cleaning-PM” are produced in several modifications - for machines with a salvo emission up to 40, 60, 80, 100, 150 and 200 liters. It is also possible to order a custom model for a much larger salvo emission.

What is the principle of work sand traps for floor washing machines?

A design of the sand traps "Cleaning-PM" is tailored according to the specifics of the machine cleaning of the premises. The height of the filler neck of a sand trap is specially designed for floor washing machines of various types and volumes.


Sand traps “Cleaning-PM” are easy in use and convenient in operation - just install the sand trap in an easily reachable place for the machine. The machine operator will only have to remove the lid out of the sand trap neck, drain the wastewater and continue the work. If a sand catcher is properly selected - all draining volume out of the floor washing machine can be accepted in one go.


The emission of the purified water into the sewage takes only a few minutes, therefore the sand trap will be absolutely ready for operation by the time of next emission.

It is quite easy to understand when the filter bag needs to be replaced. The membrane (flow quenching wall) is designed in a way that allows the emission even when the sand trap is relatively filled, however, in case the sand trap is filled for more than 50% - water will drain much slower. If during the regular discharge the floor washing machine operator notices that wastewater is still in the neck of the sand trap - it means that the filter bag has to be replaced. As the filter bag is filled out it is to be thrown out and replaced with a new one.


The rubber clamp is easily placed on the neck, inserted into a special locking groove and securely fastens the filter bag, protecting it from “tearing down” during salvo emission of the water into the sand trap. As a bag you can use any PP bag for construction waste.

The presence of hydro seal eliminates penetration of the unpleasant smells of sewage into the room.

Advantages of sand catchers of the "Cleaning-PM" series:

Maximum convenience in the work of the operator of the floor washing machine;

No additional equipment is required (baths, trays, etc.) - the sand traps are equipped with their own convenient filler neck;

The use of the hydro seal is a guaranteed absence of the sewage smells in the premises;

Convenience of the filter replacement - just take out the used filter bag and insert a fresh one;

Availability of filter bags - you can use a standard PP bag for construction waste;

Body strength - the sand trap can endure even the bashes of a floor washing machine.


The “Cleaning” series sand traps are designed for sewer pipes treatment - preventing the clogging with debris and sediment such as sand and dirt, as well as maximizing the convenience and efficiency of the cleaning staff.

The water used for cleaning purposes ends up with a certain amount of suspended particles (sand, earth, debris) and, of course, this dirty water has to be drained somewhere. In the best-case scenario, such water is poured into the toilet, in the worst case - into the sink.

Such draining methods may often lead to the clogging of the sewer pipes. And the sand interceptor of the “Cleaning” series can help prevent such blockages.

Sand catchers for floor washing machines


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