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Sand catcher “Cleaning 60” for room cleaning


The Sand catcher “Cleaning 60” is designed for a drain of the dirty water during manual cleaning of the premises.

The sand trap is equipped with a filler neck (d=300 mm) and convenient fastening of the filter bag for debris interception. After cleaning, the dirty water is drained into the filler neck of the sand trap and, being separated from the suspended particles and debris, goes into the sewerage. The process is simple and doesn’t require any effort or special skills. The cleaning staff will only have to remove the lid out of the sand trap’s neck, drain the bucket just as if it was a pallet and continue the work.

The sand trap “Cleaning 60” is designed for a 20-35-liter salvo emission (2-3 buckets).

The filter bag of the sand catcher has to be replaced when the water remains in the sand trap significantly longer. The membrane is designed in a way that allows the emission even when the sand trap is relatively filled. However, if during the next drain you see that the water is still in the filler neck of the sand trap - it is time to replace the filter bag.

It is very easy to replace a filter bag. Simply remove the fixing clamp out of the sand catcher’s neck, extract the bag and place a new one. Filter bags for the sand catchers can also be purchased from us.

Thanks to its compact size, you can place the sand trap in any convenient place. Sand catchers are equipped with a rotary hydro seal, eliminating the penetration of unpleasant scents from the sewerage. To ensure a convenient connection, an extension corrugation is included in the sand catcher set.

To drain the water from the sand trap (when moving the sand trap or preparing it for transportation), it is enough to lower the rotary pipes of the hydro seal into a horizontal position - the water will flow by itself into the sewerage.

The advantages of the sand catchers of the “Cleaning” series:


The “Cleaning” series sand traps are designed for sewer pipes treatment - preventing the clogging with debris and sediment such as sand and dirt, as well as maximizing the convenience and efficiency of the cleaning staff.

The water used for cleaning purposes ends up with a certain amount of suspended particles (sand, earth, debris) and, of course, this dirty water has to be drained somewhere. In the best-case scenario, such water is poured into the toilet, in the worst case - into the sink.

Such draining methods may often lead to the clogging of the sewer pipes. And the sand interceptor of the “Cleaning” series can help prevent such blockages.

The sand catchers for room cleaning

Comfort in the routine work of staff;

No additional equipment is required (baths, trays, etc.) - the sand traps are equipped with their own convenient filler neck;

The use of the hydro seal is a guaranteed absence of the sewage scent in the premises;

Convenience of the filter replacement - just take out the used filter bag and insert a fresh one;

Availability of filter bags - you can use a standard PP bag for construction waste.

The “Cleaning” sand traps are designed for a maximum convenience and efficiency of the staff.

The equipment complies with the Technical conditions of Ukraine ТУ У 29.2-32306957-002:2009 “Separators of the water-oil emulsions” and Technical conditions of Ukraine ТУ У 25.2-32306957-001:2007 “Polypropylene and polyethylene Technological containers”.

The equipment is protected by the patent №47415  «Device for a continuous separation of the inhomogeneous systems by means of gravitative precipitation».

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