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Grease traps

Domestic grease caps and industrial fat separators supplied by PolymerKomplekt are serial products manufactured according to the Patent of the officially registered Specifications (TU U 29.2-32306957-002: 2009 "WATER EMULSION SEPARATORS"), as well as general Specifications TUU 25.2- 32306957-001: 2007 "Polypropylene technological tanks" and are accompanied by technical passports, warranty obligations and sanitary and hygienic conclusion.


Our Grease traps are tested and tested for tightness of welds.

The company "PolymerKomplekt" guarantees the functioning of the fat separator in compliance with the rules of operation of the installation.

The warranty period for all grease traps (fat separators) produced by PolymerKomplekt - 2 years.

The possible service life of our separator, under the condition of proper installation and operation - 50 years.

“We can speak frankly about our shortcomings only with those who recognize our virtues.”
André Maurois.

Quality and Warranty

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