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The company "PolymerKomplekt" works in the market of Ukraine since the autumn of 2003.


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Grease traps
Sand traps
KNS Mini

    The company "PolymerKomplekt", being the official sales representative of the German concern SIMONA A.G. offers from the warehouse in Kiev high-quality structural plastics (sheet, rod, rods, profile) for engineering work in the production of non-standard, welded, plastic products used for industrial and household purposes. These materials are used in the food, chemical industries, in mechanical engineering, in trade and in everyday life.

Engineering sheet plastics are used in the construction of tanks for acids and alkalis, non-standard tanks of large sizes, electroplating baths, tanks, pools, water tanks, as well as tanks used in sewage treatment systems (wells, septic tanks, grease separators - grease traps, accumulating tanks , for lining of concrete water treatment tanks). The use of sheet plastics is also possible in the production of chemically resistant ducts used for the discharge of acid and alkaline vapors.

We offer complex supplies of plastic with the ability to work on welding sheet plastic for the assembly and reconstruction of electroplating shops (tanks, ventilation), installing reactors in workshops for the production of washing and detergents, equipping with plastic containers of food enterprises.

The main activity of the company is the production of containers and other plastic products from sheet plastics. In May 2007, the accumulated experience, the accumulated and mastered technologies enabled our enterprise, the first in Ukraine, to draw up and register technical conditions for the production of containers from sheet plastics. - TU U 25.2 - 32306957-001: 2007 "CAPACITIES TECHNOLOGICAL FROM POLYPROPYLENE".

In January 2010 we received the Patent for utility model No. 47415 ("Separator of water-fat emulsions"), and already in

April 2010, the Technical Specifications TU U 29.2-32306957-002: 2009 "SEPARATORS OF WATER EMISSIONS" were registered.

Products manufactured according to these specifications: grease traps, starch traps, oil traps, sand traps (dirt traps). This is all equipment that is used for pre-treatment (filtration, separation) of sewage, before it enters the general sewage network and sewage treatment plants.

This product has become a popular serial product on the Ukrainian market, and the growing need for environmental protection and excellent performance (efficiency) for the protection of sewage pipelines have made grease traps just necessary in catering, trade and food industries.


     Among our regular customers are CJSC "FOZZI" (Selpo and Fora supermarket chains), EKO supermarket chain, Nash Kray supermarket chain, Kozyrna karta restaurant chain, Kofe House coffee chain, Kiev confectionery ROSHEN, Novotroitsk Dairy, Kanevskiy Butter and Cheese Factory (Cheese Club trademark), Mollis CJSC, Agroekoprodukt CJSC (VERES trademark), Pizza chains and Dominos Piza ", TOV" Sushiya ".

     Thanks to our many years of experience, the wide production possibilities and the advanced technologies we have mastered, great prospects are revealed for the realization of the most daring ideas and creative ideas of our customers.

     Individual and sometimes the most unexpected wishes lead to non-standard design solutions. Technological capabilities, a wide choice of materials, competent calculations of experienced engineers and technologists, accurate and accurate production embody the motto of our company: “PolymerKomplekt” - Harmony of quality for your well-being! ”.

You can personally verify this by becoming one of hundreds of our clients.


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