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Grease traps

The usual models of grease traps from our assortment range are standard, serial products, overall parameters, characteristics and standard inserts in which are defined according to the registered Technical conditions for which they are produced.
It’s not a situation that there are situations when the installation of a grease trap under a sink or an industrial grease separator occurs with a tie-in into already existing sewage networks, in conditions of limited space for a grease trap and with the impossibility of changing the sewer pipeline. Thus, it becomes impossible to use a standard grease trap in terms of both dimensions and entry and exit points of drains.

As a manufacturer of grease traps, PolymerKomplekt can, if necessary, make changes to the design of fat separators produced according to the Customer’s applications and sketches, if these changes do not affect the performance and productivity of the grease trap.

Possible deviations in non-standard models of grease traps:

- change in the thickness of the applied plastics (5-20 mm);
- change of input and output diameters (50 - 200mm);
- change the number of entries in the grease catcher;
- Changes in the design of covers, etc .;


"Every exact science is based on approximation."

Bertrand Russell.

Non-standard grease traps


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