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Grease traps

There are two main types of mounting of the Grease traps:

ground installation - in the room near the sink or in the basement of the building;
underground installation - on the street with burial under the ground, it is desirable directly at the sewer pipe exit from the building (workshop), where there is usually a small lawn section, on which you can easily and simply carry out earthworks without disturbing the carriageway and asphalt pavement.

When installing the Grease trap in the room, it is necessary to prepare the site on which the Grease trap will be installed. It should be level, and in case of installing the Grease trap above the floor, the stand should be sufficiently strong and stable. Grease trap must be installed in an accessible place for maintenance. It is forbidden to install a Grease trap near the frying equipment, electrical switchboards, etc. The optimal location of the Grease trap indoors, it is directly under the sink or group of sinks for dishes, it is also possible to place the Grease trap to the side of the sinks, in the basement or other room along the drain sewer pipe.

In this case, it is preferable to arrange the grease trap as close to the sinks as possible. the process of separation of fats in warm water is more efficient than when the drains have cooled down through the pipes. Moreover, this minimizes the "fattening" of the internal sections of sewage pipelines
One of the necessary conditions for the installation of the grease trap is the connection of the grease trap to the exhaust ventilation system. Fulfillment of this condition helps to significantly reduce the accumulation of an unpleasant odor under the lid of the grease trap released during the separation and accumulation of fats.
Although installing a domestic grease trap under the sink and it does not seem to be a difficult task that your employee can cope with, it is better to use a specialist in the form of a plumber for this operation. Moreover, before installing the grease trap it is mandatory to clean all sewer pipes connected to the grease trap under the sink.


Installation and installation of industrial (industrial) fat separators that require earthworks (sometimes at a depth of 3-6m), concreting the foundation for a grease catcher, and installing concrete rings with subsequent sprinkling should be carried out with the assistance of installers having permits and permits for such work and construction equipment, and which will perform all the necessary procedures for further normal, stable operation of the grease trap.

Before use and after maintenance, it is necessary to fill the grease trap with cold water to the technological level.

Installation of grease traps


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