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Grease traps


The problems with the pipeline leaks have to be solved by special services, as they are caused by improper design or incorrect installation of the utilities. Most of the leakages are the result of a natural disaster or an accident and only part of the leakages are caused by the actions of operating organizations.

The question arises - And who is to blame for the occurrence of obstructions? Usually, they occur only because of the Users, due to faulty operation. How to deal with that?

Most of the sewer blockages occur due to "clogged" or "overgrown" sewer pipes. This occurs usually at the level of the user’s pipeline. Primarily, this happens because of fatty and oil-containing drains entering the sewer pipes.

To prevent such situations, it is recommended to use a special sewage equipment - grease separators. In everyday life, they are also known as “grease trap”, "grease separator", "grease interceptor", "grease catcher", “FOG trap”.

Grease separators (Grease catchers) are designed to clear the wastewater from fatty fractions as well as solid insoluble substances entering the sewage pipelines and released into the main sewage systems from public catering enterprises (cafes, restaurants, canteens), cutting departments of trade enterprises and food industry manufacture.

The necessity for the use of Grease catchers, complies with current standards of GBN B.2.2-25: 2009 (Government building norm) and GBN B.2.5-64: 2012 and lies in the fact that they prevent the accumulation of non-dissolved fatty substances on the walls of the pipeline, which can lead to an emergency failure of the sewer system, as well as prevent the emission of fats and heavy fractions of drains into the external sewage system.

The main principle of operation of the Grease trap is to prevent fat and oil from entering sewerage, at the same time, besides fat, the under-the-sink Grease catcher also retains large particles out of the drains and accumulates them in a special chamber of the Grease Trap.

Thus, the installation of Grease catcher, either domestic under-the-sink Grease trap in a cafe or restaurant, or an underground industrial Grease catcher at the food company, creates reliable protection for sewer pipes, that contributes to the prevention of emergency situations and as a result of unforeseen expenses for the repair of engineering networks, but also prevents issues with the water utilities services.

Of course, ideally, the grease trap must be selected at the stage of designing of engineering systems of the enterprise or building, but usually this seemingly small detail in the functioning system is overlooked, and the necessity to install the Grease trap arises either when cafe or restaurant is already operating and the staff is facing a problem - need to occasionally clean the blocked pipes, or in terms of prescription obtained after the inspection by the local water utility control services.


Sometimes, there are problems in all sewer pipelines - leaks, blockages, and obstructions.

Grease traps

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