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Grease traps

In ancient times, the first mistress (or maybe it was the owner?) Decided to clean up the cave. Narwhal flexible branches, tied them and swept away all the garbage. Over time, this simple device has received the name - "broom". Throughout history, various kinds of it have appeared - panicles, brooms and even sweeping machines! The time has come and the man thought - a broom sweeps, but also raises dust! To solve this problem, mankind has invented a vacuum cleaner. Once it was a dream of any housewife. But there was in it its inconvenience - from time to time it was necessary to shake out a rag filter on the street. At the same time, the dust flew in all directions and to the cleaner too, and although it was no longer as often as when cleaning with a broom or a whisk, all the same, the dust collected in the vacuum cleaner had to be inhaled periodically.
Absolutely revolutionary solution was the beginning of the use of replaceable filter bags in vacuum cleaners! Now it was enough to take out the used bag from the device and throw it into the trash can or immediately take it to the trash. At the same time, garbage and dust do not scatter, and the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner takes very little time.

Жироуловитель с фильтр-пакетом

Advantages of using filter pack *:
(* only for household grease traps under the sink)

- allows you to pull all the garbage out of the grease trap at once;
- there is no need to drain the grease catcher to clear the settled heavy sediments from the bottom;
- do not need a special container to drain the fat;
- there is no need to frequently wash the grease trap from the fat deposited on the walls;
- reduces water consumption for maintenance of the fat separator;
- allows to increase the interval between washes of the grease separator;
- increases filtration, additionally reduces the concentration of fats in wastewater;
- significantly reduced maintenance time of the fat separator.

The use of a filter package allows you to efficiently and quickly perform maintenance of the grease separator, without particularly soiling your hands.

These benefits facilitate the operation of the grease trap with a filter package in the kitchens of cafes, canteens, restaurants, culinary departments of shops and supermarkets.

The use of a filter bag in grease traps will increase the level of cleaning kitchen drains and reduce labor costs for the operation of kitchen sewer pipelines.

Grease trap with a filter under the sink

You can and must learn from history!

Seeking to improve our product, as well as to facilitate the cleaning of grease traps, we began to install a special package in them. In addition to collecting fats and slags, due to the filtration properties of the fabric, the package also serves as an additional filter.

The special design, the filter package allows you to remove it from the fixings, and allowing it to flow to the water to be disposed of along with the contents. Next to the grease separator, you must install the new filter package included in the kit.
The introduction of the filter package made it possible to use a separator also in the form of a flake trap in fish processing plants.

Жироуловитель Оптима-60 с фильтром

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