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Grease traps

Жироуловитель "Оптима" на 40л

Grease traps of the “Optima” series are used in small cafes, restaurants, kitchens and cutting departments of the supermarkets.

Also, these grease traps can be installed in the apartments, country houses, and cottages.

"Optima" Grease trap is manufactured serially in accordance with the technical conditions of Ukraine (ТУ У 29.2-32306957-002:2009).

Overall dimensions:

Working volume - 40l

Permissible peak discharge - 25 l

Length - 450mm Width - 340 mm Height - 350 mm

The diameters of the tubes - 50 mm

Productivity - 0.5 m³ / h (0,145 l / s)


The advantages of household grease trap "Optima" series:

Produced by Ukrainian manufacturer;

Warranty and necessary approval documentation;

Hermetic plastic case;

Fittings are welded into the case;

A possibility of use without siphon;

The size of the grease trap is optimized for a standard sub-washbasin area;

Rubber seal and latches on the lid;

Availability of models with replaceable filter bags;

The large lid provides convenience during cleaning and replacing of the filter bags;

Presence of the compartment collecting sediment;

A wide range of application - intercepts coffee grounds, sand (clay, gypsum), starch, fish scales, dough;

Prevents clogging of the solo lifts and domestic sewage stations.

Schematic diagram of the "Optima" series grease trap:

1. Molded case

2. Lid

3. Inlet (may be further equipped with bend)

4. Outlet

5. Sealing rubber

6. Metal latches

7. Pipe for ventilation

8. Oil and grease accumulation area

9. Sludge(precipitate) accumulation area

10. Flow-quenching knee

The grease trap “Optima” set can include: the cap (d=50 mm) in case the grease trap is installed in a well-ventilated area without direct connection to the ventilation system; sewer couplings (2 pcs., d=50 mm), in case of using straight pipes (without sockets) to connect the grease trap to the sink and ventilation system.

Please note that according to the GBN В.2.5-64:2012 п.21.7 norms and operation manual, the Grease catchers installed inside of the building must be connected to the ventilation system.

Жироуловитель "Оптима" на 40л с фильтром

Grease catchers of the “Optima” series are manufactured in two models: SG 0,5-0.04 “Optima” and SG 0,5-0.04-F “Optima”.

The SG 0,5-0.04-F “Optima” grease trap model is equipped with fittings for installing replaceable filter bags (FB-1). These bags are similar to those used in the models of grease traps SG 0,5-0,045F and SG 0,5-0,06F of our production. The grease trap “Optima” SG 0,5-0.04-F set includes five filter bags (one is preinstalled plus 4 pieces per pack).

Household under-sink Grease trap of the “Optima” series

Grease trap "Optima" series

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