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Grease traps

Жироуловитель СЖ 0,5-0,06 Оптима-60
Жироуловитель СЖ 0,5-0,06 Оптима-60

Based on the customers’ reviews, results of interview of installing and maintenance services, as well as our significant sales experience we have decided to improve the grease traps SG 0.5-0.06 and SG 0.5-0.06F. We have created a brand-new model of the SG 0.5-0.06 combining all of your wishes with the best properties of our grease catchers.

The new grease separator is certainly similar to the existing model "Optima", which based on the customer survey and the number of sales became the "Product of the Year - 2016". Therefore, the new model received the working title "Optima-60".

Here are the main advantages of the new SG 0.5-0.06 “Optima-60” grease trap:

1. Working volume 60 l;

2. Reduced height of the grease trap while maintaining volume;

3. Welded flare connections;

4. Availability of models with replaceable filter packets;

5. Rubber seal and latches on the lid;

6. The large lid provides convenience during cleaning and replacing of the filter bags;

7. The lid without protrusions.

Experience has shown that 60 liters grease traps can be even more popular with consumers than their 40 liters counterparts. They are more practical to use.

The main reason for choosing the 40-liter grease trap rather than the 60-liter model, as it turns out, besides the price is its height. Our basic 60-liter grease traps model in the height exceeded 400mm, making it difficult to install them under the sinks.

The overall height of the grease trap SG 0,5-0,06 "Optima-60" does not exceed 320mm, which significantly simplifies its maintenance and installation under sinks in cafes, restaurants or cutting departments.

Overall dimensions of the “Optima-60” grease trap:

Length: 480mm; Width: 420 mm; Height: 320 mm. (assembly - 540x440x320)

Input height: 240 mm; Output height: 215 mm.

The use of hermetically welded branch pipes for the input and ventilation eliminates the need for additional transition couplings. If further reduction of the overall length of the grease trap is required, it is possible to save additional 2-3 centimeters by replacing the protruding outlet branch pipe with a branch pipe with an elastic band (on demand, as a separate option).

Thanks to the application of the additional stiffening ribs the case of the grease trap was considerably amplified.

Unlike similar grease trap models made by other producers the grease trap SG 0,5-0,06 "Optima-60" model has a large lid which provides an easy access for maintenance. And four metallic latches reliably fix the lid and together with sealant provide the grease catcher with the required hermeticity.

Жироуловитель СЖ 0,5-0,06 Оптима-60 Ф (с фильтр-пакетами)
Жироуловитель СЖ 0,5-0,06 Оптима-60 Ф (с фильтр-пакетами)

Grease trap SG 0.5-0.06 Optima-60 F (with filter bags)

Another, undoubtable advantage of the new grease catcher SG 0.5-0.06 Optima-60, is the availability of the model with replaceable filter bags - SG 0.5-0.06 Optima-60 F.

Application of inexpensive disposable filter bags allows a significant increase of the extent of wastewater purification as well as considerably simplifies and accelerates the process of cleaning of the grease trap.

The new model of the separator - grease catcher SG 0.5-0.06 Optima-60 is a perfect demonstration of the main slogan of our company:

“PolymerComplect” - The harmony of the quality for Your well-being!

Schematic diagram of the "Optima" series grease trap:

1. Molded case

2. Lid

3. Inlet branch pipe (may be further equipped with the bend)

4. Outlet branch pipe

5. Sealing rubber

6. Metallic latches

7. Pipe for ventilation

8. Oil and grease accumulation area

9. Sludge(precipitate) accumulation area

10. Flow-quenching knee  


The new grease trap for 60 liters "Optima-60"!

Grease trap for 60 liters Optima-60

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