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Grease traps


Produced by Ukrainian manufacturer;

Warranty and necessary approval documentation;

Hermetic plastic case;

Fittings are welded into the case;

A possibility of use without siphon;

The size of the grease trap is optimized for a standard sub-washbasin area;

Rubber seal and latches on the lid;

Availability of models with replaceable filter bags;

The large lid provides convenience during cleaning and replacing of the filter bags;

Presence of the compartment collecting sediment;

A wide range of application - intercepts coffee grounds, sand (clay, gypsum), starch, fish scales, dough;

Prevents clogging of the solo lifts and domestic sewage stations.



Installation of household grease trap can be made in the room directly under the sink, near the sink, or in the deepening of the floor under the sink. The choice of a particular model and the method of installation of the grease trap usually depends on the availability of space under the sink (s), the volume of sinks, the height of the sewer pipes and connection points.
Household grease trap under sink differ in size, volume, height of the inlet and outlet nozzles and, accordingly, performance.

In many cafes, restaurants in the kitchens also installed various types of sinks. In addition to the size (volume) of the washing, they can also be double (paired) and triple - it all depends on the technological processes they provide. In one sink, only vegetables are washed, in the other, only pots and pans are washed, or they are soaked there, and it is only in the third that the process of washing dishes and cutlery directly takes place. It should be so, but this does not mean that the appointment of sinks will not be changed tomorrow. You can of course put the Zhiroulovitel under each sink, if space permits and finances. But the fact is that all of them, as a rule, are connected in series to one common pipe, and in this case it is more economically advantageous to supply one common household grease catcher with only higher productivity.

Grease Trap SG 0,5-0,04 Optima
Grease Trap SG 0,5-0,06 Optima-60
Grease Trap SG 0.5-0.06 Arktica

Household Grease trap under the sink, the very name speaks for itself - grease trap small size.
Grease traps of this type are used in small cafes, restaurants, kitchens and finishing shops of supermarkets.
Such grease traps can also be used for installation in country houses and cottages, in case the septic tank or storage tank for sewage systems are located relatively far from the building. In such a situation, it is better to drain the drains from the kitchen into the common sewage through the household grease trap, in order to prevent pipes from getting fat.
Agree - it is better to periodically throw out the gathered fat than to clean the entire sewer.

Grease trap household, under the sink

The advantages of household grease trap SG series:

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