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Grease traps


This model of the grease trap, without a question, can now be placed in outside wells or small pits. At the same time, it maintains a small volume (60 l) and the price-range of the “under-sink” grease trap!

Grease trap in this design is fully compliant with GBN B.2.5-64: 2012.

We have also launched the production of this model with filter bags - "Arctica"-F.

The grease trap “Arctica” is a perfect solution of the “FOG”-gy questions for the water utility and sanitation services, also for the owners of various street cafes, SAFs and fast-food tents.

These days, such street-food caterers usually drain their used oily water either directly into the nearest drainage or a plain drain pipe, which means that residue fats, oils and grease go directly into the pipelines and surely can clog them.


The “Arctica” grease traps fear no freezing, nor scorching temperatures. They are made of the plastic that isn’t threatened by sun rays as it was UV stabilized and designed for a long-term operation in the most extreme conditions.

The grease trap “Arctica” can be installed near the SAF during working hours with the drain outlet pipe connected with the sewerage using the flexible PVC hose or sewer pipes 50mm in diameter.

Grease trap “Arctica” are also available in models with filter bags. The large lid, covering the entire grease trap, allows convenient maintenance and easy replacing of the filter bags. Thick rubber undercover seal ensures the required impermeability.

Our model of “Arctica” grease trap, made of thermo resistant plastic, has been first presented at the “Aqua-Term Kyiv - 2012” exhibition.

The special physicochemical properties of the polymer has increased the working temperature range of the grease catcher to -40 C...+80 C. The grease trap can be installed under the sink or near it, also in the pits or wells outdoors.

Use of standard pipe sockets or additional couplings allows various types of connection of the grease trap to the sewage system - either through corrugated pipes or PVC hoses, or through standard sewer fittings (d=50mm)

Grease trap “Arctica” series

Grease trap Arctica-F

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