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Grease trap series SG
Grease trap series SGC



In 2016 - 2018, POLYMERKOMPLEKT Company was the first Ukrainian company to enter the EU and CIS markets with its serial products - Grease traps


According to the survey of customers and by the number of sales in Ukraine and abroad, the model of grease traps SZH 0.5-0.04 "Optima" and SZH 0.5-0.04 "Optima" F became the "Product of the Year 2016".

Sand traps


Equipment for pre-treatment of sewage


Our regular customers include large industrial enterprises of the metallurgical, food and chemical industries, water utilities and small cafes, famous restaurants.

Among them are:
State Enterprise "Antonov", LLC "Brovarskoy Aluminum Plant", State Enterprise "Kiev Armored Plant", PJSC "Farmak", State Enterprise "Zhulyansky Machine-Building Plant" VIZAR ", JSC" Kvazar ", JSC" Kraft Foods Ukraine ", JSC" Orzhitsky Sugar Factory "," Institute for Information Registration Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ", Novotroitsk Butter-Cheese Plant, Kanevsky Butter-Cheese Factory (Cheese Club trademark), Reynars Ukraine LLC, Mollis CJSC, Polymer-Color LLC, CJSC Agroekoprodukt "(trademark" VERES "), LLC” CONFECTIONERY FACTORY ”STIMUL”, Kiev confectionary factory “ROSHEN”, restaurant chain “Ko zyrnaya card ", CJSC" FOZZI "(a network of supermarkets" Selpo "and" Fora "), TOV" BILOTSERKIVVODA ", PJSC" Company "ENZIM".


In order to get to know us, you can download the Booklet and the Reference List of our works.


Our advantages:

- engineering professional approach;

- availability of necessary documents and permits for products;

- experience and documentary evidence of staff qualifications;

- an integrated approach to solving problems;

- Individual approach to each client;

- the possibility of using non-standard solutions;

- constant availability of materials in the warehouse and their direct delivery in the optimum time.

- delivery of products to the customer as soon as possible.